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Hey Neal,

Just touching base to see if those Mp3's got through and/or if you had a chance to listen to them. I was curious about your take.

Hope you and your kin had a good week.

I finally had a chance to talk to my pastor about all the EC talk that he's been floating around. He states that he hasn't really done any hard core groundwork and is just ruminating in his sermons. I tried to let him know how it was coming across and he seemed unaware but humbly accepted my comments for which I was grateful. I also mentioned to him how I might just need to get myself in to visit an EC just so I could satisfy myself. He seemed very enthusiastic when I mentioned that and told me where he thought some might be. Not too close to us unfortunately, but still not so far away that I wouldn't mind going to check it out some time. When I mentioned to him that I had taken it upon myself to seek out someone who was more involved with the EC (that being you), he recognized your name right away so I guess you're a famous guy. I think he checks out your blog and other EC websites a lot. He said he might even look you up sometime when he's out your way. Anyway the conversation generally went well and I was relieved and encouraged. I also underwent elder ordination where we got to tell our faith story and that was very meaningful. Listening to some of the others tell their faith stories was also very moving. I'm now on the Christian Ed committee and have some ideas about incorporating an understanding of post-modernism along with teaching and evangelism, something along the order of McAllisters message. I want to uphold truth, but I want to listen too. Let the conversations begin! Now if I can just get through these committee meetings; the gnashing of teeth has already begun ;-)

Peace and God bless, Chris ;-)