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On Mar 19, 2007, at 2:50 PM, Chris wrote:

Hello, my name is Chris and I'm looking for someone to dialogue with about the EC. I'm fairly new to the concept, have been doing as much reading as I can, seen many websites pro and con, and am now at a point where I would like to hash out some pointed questions. If you are not available can you point me to a forum. It seems blogs are usually reserved to like-minded comments, or those that generally agree and don't like to be questioned too much as it apperars a challenge. I attend a Presbyterian church but am not a lifer. I really only consider myself a Christian that happens to attend a Presbyterian church. I'm soon to be ordained an elder and really want to do the right thing. Our pastor is really pro EC and ECV and I have some concerns that I'd like to discuss with someone that knows a lot about it but is neutral in terms of my relationship with them. Thanks for any help you can offer. Chris

p.s. I'm also an artist, an illustrator/designer and love Macs too. Best wishes in your artistic endeavors.


I would love to spend some time discussing this with you, but I'm not sure that I have time right now - sorry. I would recommend getting in touch with a buddy of mine, Neal. He is also a PCUSAer and very involved with Emergent. You can reach him here:

Take care man.

Peace, Adam

New comment on your post #2 "About"

Comment: Hi, my name's Chris.

I was referred to you by your friend Adam. Here is a copy of the original email I sent to him and his reply. (editor's note: see above)

I would only add that I am not in seminary, nor do I have a Phd. I am a simple layperson. I have serious questions which may seem provoking, but believe me I mean no offense and hope to dialogue with someone in a spirit of Christian love and humility. Everyone's busy I know, and I'm no exception, but if you can spare some time it would be a blessing. Peace and God bless, Chris

Hi Chris,

I'd be more than happy to dialogue with you as you explore the whole emergent thing. I will caution, however, that if you're looking for concrete answers and doctrinal positions, I probably won't be too helpful, nor would anyone currently involved in the conversation. The word "emerging" is by nature not-yet-defined, and everyone seems to have their own thoughts and ideas that often diverge from one another. That said, bring on the questions! Like you, I have not been to seminary (although it looks as if I'm headed that way). I work for a PCUSA church as director of youth and music, and have been involved with all things emergent for about two years now. If I don't have a good answer to one, perhaps we can come up with one together  ;-)