Poorest Man

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Judging by commercials, I must be the poorest man
Underfed, and undersexed, and underdressed
But that's ok, 'cause corporate America
Is looking out for my best interests...

But I don't need a bigger bank account
I'm happy just to "just get by"
You can't finance a song and dance
That's all I'm leaving when I die

Judging by my neighbors, I must be the only one
Who thinks that two-inch grass is unnatural at best
Soaking up the water wanted by a thirsty world
To make my house look better than the rest...

But I don't need a better house than you
And I don't need a greener lawn
I don't need to own a bigger SUV
I don't even need to own this song

Judging by religion, I should be in hell by now
For all the crazy things that I believe
I believe that Jesus tells the rich young man
To "give up all you have and follow me..."

So I don't need to join a mega-church
Or by more junk in a Christian store
Don't need a bible priced by copyright
'Cause me and Jesus are happy poor

Yeah, me and Jesus, we're happy poor...