Notes for Evangelism Conference

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Evangelism is Dead. Long live Evangelism.

Things I Promised I'd Talk About

  • Modern Church vs. Post-modern Church (Post-Modern? WTF???)
  • Recent Cultural Trends and Ideas (My Fave, See Below)
  • Resources for Evangelism in Emerging Culture (Books, Articles, Cohorts)
    • Emerging Flavored Presbyterians (Presbymergent)

Jeff's Outline for Me

  1. Evangelism is Dead. Long live Evangelism.
  2. Historical overview of emergent
    • moving to a church that is more relevant to postmodern culture.
  3. Deconstruction (critical to emergence)
    • What evangelism has been
    • What evangelism should not be
  4. Evangelism as Deliberate (or intentional) Community
    • Relationships vs. Rules
    • Conversation vs. Conversion
    • Church fulfilling need for daily community
    • Congregation as participant developers vs. listeners & followers

Evangelism in Emerging Culture

  • It's all about community (and conversation)
  • Three options (IMHO):
    1. Join an Existing Community (best)
    2. Create One (good but hard)
    3. Transform an existing one into one (hardest, possibly inauthentic)
  • My Experiences Evangelizing and Being Evangelized
    1. Frisco Community Theatre
    2. NCD Conference 2006
    3. Conversations with Chris

Technological Concepts and Trends

  • Web 2.0 & Church 2.0
  • Long Tail Church
  • Open Source Movement
    • Transparency
    • Eyeballs & bugs
    • Release Early & Release Often
  • Wikinomics
    • Wiki Worship & Soft Security
    • Dynamic Truth in Tension
    • Consumers of Worship vs. Prosumers of Worship
    • Four Principles of "Wikinomics"
      1. Openness
      2. Peering
      3. Sharing
      4. Acting Globally

Other Random Soapboxes (Ask With Caution)

  • Truth, Truthiness, and Absolute Truth
  • Presbyterians Are Big Time Geeks.
  • Why Folk Music and Hymns are Emergent. And Cool.
  • ASCAP Sucks. So does Copyright.
  • Most Christian Education is Neither Christian Nor Education
  • Emerging Church Dress Code (why do they all look alike?)

Don't Just Sit There

  • Presbymergent (blog, wiki, survey, parties)
  • (what do you want it to be?)