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Short Story Plot Ideas

  • Birthday @ State Line w/Dad
  • Purple Umbrella bought for Mom in Soingnees
  • Interviewer's visit to once-famous actress in obscure nursing home.
  • Conversations at a "vag" farm.
  • College experience with donating plasma gone horribly (and comically) wrong.
  • Minister on a colonization mission to other planet. Theme: (ir)relevancy of religion in SF world.
  • "Genius" accidentally eradicated in society as a side effect of medication to reduce mental illness.
  • Comic SF story about a character based on biblical stories of Jacob & Gideon. Perhaps end on darker note with Jonah.
  • Something with allegorical communion?
  • Classroom of the future


Ordinary humanity shining through bizarre settings.

Great Opening Lines

  • "All she wanted was attention. All he wanted was someone to fold the clothes."
  • "Every time I'm in big trouble I try to write my life story"