Imperfect Love Song

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It's ok to say, "I don't love you so much today."
It's alright when we fight and stay angry all through the night.
And although we don't know how this crazy love story will go
When our words run away...I will stay.

Just because I once was so passionately into us
Doesn't mean that you've seen perfect love at the age of sixteen
And somehow, even now, I remember the words of a vow:
Rich or poor, young or gray...I will stay.

And I am not a perfect man
I don't want a perfect wife
I don't need a perfect love
To share with you my life

Promise then, if and when, we break each other's hearts again
That we'll let our regret just fade into time and forget
And in turn, we both learn that true love isn't something you earn
When it's given -- given away...
When there's nothing left to say...
When this whole world has faded away...

...We will stay.

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