Former Students I'm Still Committed To

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In my five years of inner-city public-school teaching I had the privilege to serve many excellent students. The ones below, however, are the ones I'm committed to for the long haul, wherever I go, whatever I do in life. These are the ones I'm committed to staying in regular contact with, and helping in any possible way I'm able to as they make their way through life. This is not an "intrusive" thing, and my help extends only so far as it is wanted or needed. This is a one-way commitment -- I expect nothing from them in return other than what they already gave in my classroom years ago.

(Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name)

  • Noemi Beltran
  • Rocio Beltran
  • Francis Cardenas
  • Ivonee Diaz
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez
  • Ana Lucero
  • Amanda Mendoza
  • Anjelica Ruiz
  • Victor Serrano
  • Anabel Simental
  • Jonathan Vines
  • Stephanie Ybarra

I realize there are many students with whom I forged strong and lasting relationships who are not included on this list. It's not because they are any less loved or appreciated. It's just that I believe the best mentoring relationships are those that evolve naturally, mutually, over time. Some of these students I found, while some found me. If your name is on this list, but you'd rather it not be, feel free to remove it. If, on the other hand, your name isn't here, but you think it should be, email me. We'll talk, and perhaps rekindle an old friendship.