Dunn Bro's Playlist

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Original Folk Songs

  • Golden Door
  • Imperfect Love Song
  • Why Can't You Be Like Me?
  • Poorest Man

Christian Originals/Arrangements

  • Shine For You
  • Amazing Grace
  • Crown Him

Old Originals

  • Telephone Chord Song
  • Out of the Blue
  • Tale of Two Cities Song

Folk Covers

  • Ghost of Tom Joad (Springsteen)
  • Tambourine Man (Dylan)
  • Like a Rolling Stone (Dylan)
  • With God on our Side (Dylan)
  • This Land is Your Land (Guthrie)
  • Goodnight, Little Arlo (Guthrie)
  • The Sharing Song (Raffi)
  • All I Really Need (Raffi)

Christian Covers

  • God of Wonders (Caedmon's Call)
  • Draw Me Nearer (Caedmon's Call)

Other Covers

  • With or Without You (U2)