Sunday School Presentation on GA219

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What is General Assembly?

  • Part Governing Body
  • Part Congregation
  • Part Family Reunion

Who is General Assembly?

  • Blue Badges: 712 Elected Commissioners (356 elders and 356 ministers)
  • Green Badges: 200 Advisory Delegates (Youth, Seminarians, Missionaries, Ecumenical)
  • Red Badges: GA Staff
  • Black Badges: Synod and Presbytery Staff
  • Orange Vinyl Badges: Exhibitors
  • Yellow vinyl Badges: Observers
  • Blue Vinyl Badges: Committee On Local Arrangements

The Week in Sequence at GA219

  • Saturday: Opening Session & Election of the Moderator
  • Sunday Through Tuesday: Committee Meetings
  • Wednesday Through Friday: Plenary Sessions
  • Saturday: Closing Session & Adjournment

What Were the Big Issues?

  • Middle East Peace
  • Ordination Standards
  • Civil Unions and Christian Marriage
  • Governance (Form of Government)
  • Doctrinal Statements (Belhar & Heidelberg)
  • Leaders (Linda Valentine & Seminary Presidents)
  • Grow Christ's Church Deep & Wide
  • Social Justice Resolutions
  • International Peacemaking

Neal's Favorite GA219 Quote

“We say to a generation of people every day, by the ways that we engage in church and community, ‘I don’t care about your needs or yearnings. I sort of like this mountain I’m living on.’” —The Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, moderator of the 218th General Assembly (2008)