Jan 2010 APCE Presentation

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  • Me...who am I?
  • You...who are you?
  • This presentation/workshop/seminar/lecture/class/conversation...what is it, anyhow?

Video Break 1


Video Break 2

  • Help Desk w/subtitles Just for Fun
  • Pencil as technology: Can be used to write an essay, drum away the time, or poke someone's eye out. Technology is a tool that can be used for good, bad, or neutral purposes. Not inherently good or bad in itself. --Neal Locke
  • "Technology is only technology for people who are born before it was invented." --Alan Kay (computer scientist)
  • "For the kids, it's like using a pencil. Parents don't talk about pencils, they talk about writing. And kids don't talk about technology--they talk about playing, building a Web site, writing a friend, about the rain forest." -- Idit Harel (MIT professor of epistemology)
  • Pope Benedict on Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World Jan 24, 2010


  • Sharing my breakfast around the world
  • Conversation vs. Noise

Video Break 3


  • "In order for us to be successful in this century, we're goign to need to be more connected and we're going to need to have a better sense of understanding of where other people are coming from and just greater sense of like, we're all connected." --Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook
  • "In many cases, young people have moved to these networked public space because they feel they have been chased out of other public environments. Young people turn to online social networks as havens from other places that have become, in their view, constrained." --John Palfrey and Urs Gasser, Born Digital
  • A different twist on Privacy

Video Break 4

  • Reaching Digital Natives asks why classrooms look the same as they did in the 1900s?
  • The model of education that still prevails today was designed for the Industrial Age. It revolves around the teacher who delivers a one-size-fits-all, one way lecture. The student, working alone, is expected to absorb the content delivered by the teacher. No wonder so many students are spurning it." --Don Tapscott, Grown up Digital


  • Open Source software
  • Open Source Methodology

Video Break 5

Second Life

  • "Unlike most Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives live much of their lives online, without distinguishing between the online and the offline. Instead of thinking of their digital identity and their real-space identity as separate things, they just have an identity (with representations in two, three, or more different spaces)." Palfrey & Gasser, Born Digital
  • "In a 2004 Study, it was observed that younger doctors who were video game players being trained in laparoscopic techniques learned the skills more quickly and made fewer errors than did non-game playing counterparts. In fact, the researchers found that a surgeon's game-playing experience was a better predictor of his or her future success at laparoscopic surgery than was years of experience!" --Don Tapscott, Grown Up Digital
  • Reformed Confessions and the Church in Virtual Reality My paper on the subject.

Video Break 6