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          <rev user="Iraneal" timestamp="2020-01-07T01:53:26Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">&lt;big&gt;'''Welcome to Neal's Wiki'''&lt;/big&gt;

An ever-growing, ever-changing compendium of ideas, resources, and creative works by Ira Neal Locke &amp; fellow travelers.

== [[Priorities and Projects]] ==
* [[Neal's Song Lyrics]]
* [[Neal's Short Stories]]
* [[Neal's Principles of Folk Music]]
* [[Presbyterian Church in Second Life]]
* [[Open Source Gospel Project]]

== Papers and Presentations ==
*[[Education &amp; Formation Reflective Essay]]
*[[Education &amp; Formation: First Case Study]]
*[[Education &amp; Formation: Second Case Study]]
*[[Education &amp; Formation: Third Case Study]]
*[[Education &amp; Formation: Fourth Case Study]]
*[[Education &amp; Formation: Final Paper]]
*[[Early &amp; Medieval Church History: Augustine's Confessions]]
*[[Early &amp; Medieval Church History: Julian of Norwich]]
*[[American Religion, American Literature]]
*[[Consequences of Job in Anglo-Saxon England]]
*[[Journal for Lost in Translation Course]]
*[[A Theology of Technology]]
*[[PhD Research Proposal]]

== Workshops &amp; Articles ==
* [[Sunday School Presentation on GA219]]
* [[Copyright, Copyleft, and the Future of the Publishing Industry]]
* [[Web 2.0 Article for Presbyterian Outlook]]
* [[Jan 2010 ACPE Presentation]]
* [[Notes for Evangelism Conference]]
* [[Theology of Technology]] Article for Call to Worship Fall 2015
* [[Wiki Work of the People]] Article for Call to Worship Fall 2015

== Sermons ==
*[[First Presbyterian Church]] (El Paso, Texas)
*[[Middlesex Presbyterian Church]] (Princeton/Middlesex, New Jersey)
*[[Faithbridge Presbyterian Church]] (Frisco, Texas)
*[[Other Churches]]

== Other Stuff ==
* [[Postmodern Perl]]
* [[Notes on Heaven and Hell]]
* [[Conversations with Chris]]
* [[Neal's Wiki Will &amp; Testament]]
* [[Former Students I'm Still Committed To]]
* [[Neal's Essential Story Elements]]
* [[Neal's Story Ideas]] (Feel free to &quot;steal&quot;)
* [[Dunn Bro's Playlist]]</rev>