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    <allpages apcontinue="Education_&amp;_Formation:_Final_Paper" />
      <p pageid="9" ns="0" title="Catching Christopher" />
      <p pageid="10" ns="0" title="Consequences of Job in Anglo-Saxon England" />
      <p pageid="11" ns="0" title="Consider Job" />
      <p pageid="12" ns="0" title="Conversations with Chris" />
      <p pageid="13" ns="0" title="Copyright, Copyleft, and the Future of the Publishing Industry" />
      <p pageid="480" ns="0" title="Dissertation Proposal" />
      <p pageid="14" ns="0" title="Distillation of 2nd Gathering and Neill&#039;s Proposal" />
      <p pageid="15" ns="0" title="Dunn Bro&#039;s Playlist" />
      <p pageid="16" ns="0" title="Early &amp; Medieval Church History: Augustine&#039;s Confessions" />
      <p pageid="17" ns="0" title="Early &amp; Medieval Church History: Julian of Norwich" />