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      <page pageid="7" ns="0" title="Assorted Comments from Facebook on Fourth Case Study" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:13:22Z" lastrevid="38" counter="1361" length="8453" />
      <page pageid="49" ns="0" title="Notes for Evangelism Conference" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:18:32Z" lastrevid="589" counter="14894" length="1999" />
      <page pageid="52" ns="0" title="Orientation to Second Life Class" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:18:37Z" lastrevid="638" counter="13849" length="3893" />
      <page pageid="84" ns="0" title="Sermon for February 20, 2011" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:24:21Z" lastrevid="966" counter="4056" length="4385" />
      <page pageid="110" ns="0" title="Sunday School Presentation on GA219" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:25:46Z" lastrevid="1204" counter="10160" length="2069" />
      <page pageid="115" ns="0" title="Twelve" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:25:49Z" lastrevid="1225" counter="3160" length="31433" />
      <page pageid="116" ns="0" title="Twelve (Steve Chastian Remix)" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:25:49Z" lastrevid="1227" counter="1115" length="31426" />
      <page pageid="117" ns="0" title="Web 2.0 Article for Presbyterian Outlook" contentmodel="wikitext" pagelanguage="en" touched="2013-10-14T01:25:52Z" lastrevid="1261" counter="25971" length="6981" />